Working from Home

The increase in Working from home has brought a plethora of new risks


Many companies have not yet taken steps to secure remote endpoints to support Working from Home.

Let Lockdown Tech take the strain, sign up your workforce to our Security Support and sit back knowing that your endpoints are Safe and Secure. Contact us for more info.

As Employer


If you need to secure a number of disparate “Bring Your own Device” (BYOD) endpoints then look no further than Lockdown Tech.


We can provide tailored packages which will secure and Lockdown the required endpoints to your own specification, leaving you comfortable that your endpoints are protected. Meanwhile the owner of the endpoint is free to carry on with both their Work and personal computing, protected and secure. Free up your internal IT resource by allowing Lockdown Tech support the endpoint.


As Employee


Benefit from Lockdown Tech’s state of the art technology to secure your PC so that you are confident that you are connecting to your work environment from a ‘clean’ machine. Aligned with our Support, you can ensure that you can continue to work and play with no interruptions due to security concerns.