Lockdown Tech - our difference

Our layered approach to security is nothing new, it is how any well funded corporation would set up their IT systems. Where we are different is in pulling together the tools required and making them available, and affordable, to individuals and small teams. 

Ease of Use
  • Via one installer, which will be sent to you upon purchase of any of our plans, your bespoke Security stack will be installed, configured and tested by one of our technicians. You do not need to get involved in any configuration. We will do all the decision making based on a few simple questions that we will ask you in person once you are a member of Lockdown Tech. 

  • User information, training and advice. Regular updates on how you can improve your PC security, the steps to take and the actual impact these changes will have. Training on how to detect attempts to penetrate your security, including phishing attempts and details on where your information may already be in the hands of malicious actors.

  • PC Asset monitoring. Lockdown Tech provides constant monitoring of your PC and it's security.  Making sure your software is running the latest security updates. Checking which third parties are connected to your PC. Ensuring all your security measures listed below are running.

  • "Lockdown", our DNS filter prevents access to known malicious content on the internet.

  • "Lockdown", our DNS filter detects new and potential threats in realtime using a world class Artificial Intelligence scanning engine.

  • Managed Antivirus. Should all prevention fail, we provide an industry leading Antivirus Engine to detect and quarantine any malware. Your Antivirus will also help to protect you online by scanning for known threats as you browse the internet.

  • Managed Detection and Response (partnered with Huntress and only available with our "Secure" plan). This operates on the assumption that prevention and detection has failed and we are proactively looking for indicators of malware and then facilitating investigation of those indications. This will alert you to any malware behaviour on the PC for Lockdown Tech to offer guided remediation.

  • Lockdown Tech will assist in the remediation of PC Security Breaches on your machine.

  • Restore. As an add on to purchased plans, we can provide secure cloud backup. So should the worse happen, your data is safely stored away from the source of infection.

Lockdown Tech - our approach