Lock Down Your Tech

Lockdown Tech provides Security Software, Online Protection and Support Services for you and your Computer.

To keep you Safe, Secure and Supported.

Our Security Approach, Simplified

We want your PC to be like a castle with multiple lines of defence against the enemy.

The Monarch - You, making well advised security decisions.

Personal Guard - Us, Lockdown Tech, offering personalised security advice and training, along with phishing defence.


Soldiers - Managed Detection and Response (Huntress), actively looking for enemies no matter where they may be.


The Keep - Antivirus, this will block enemies that have managed to swim your moat and climb your walls.

Walls - DNS Filter(Lockdown), this prevents enemies coming in. If they do get in, it stops them communicating with the outside.

A Moat - PC Updates and monitoring, it's possible to swim a moat, but you are discouraging most enemies from trying.

Rebuild - Should you, or anyone else, damage any part of your castle, a backup can quickly rebuild it exactly as it was before.

For more detail on this approach visit the Tech page


Enterprise Level Security Software

Award winning portfolio of tools to help secure your computer and information

Non Intrusive Software

Our software lets you get on with your work and operates quietly in the background when your PC is not busy

Professional Approach

No jargon, plain English support and explanations. We never share your personal details

Personalised Attention

UK based staff who stay with your issue from start to finish

Monthly Fees

No long term subscriptions, cancel at any time

Email Support*

Constant email support for all your security based technical queries. Send us emails you are unsure about and we will let you know if they are safe or not

Certified Staff

PC Health Monitoring

Only the best, certified technical staff will deal with your requests

Live monitoring and regular reports of your computers health

*only available on certain plans

The news is awash with scare stories regarding internet and computer security.
Let us guide you through this minefield - we'll decipher the latest news and let you know what it means to your exact setup. If required we will walk you through any required remediation.


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