Use Multifactor Authentication to throw up a Barrier around your Data

Multifactor authentication is the easiest way to quickly, effectively, and affordably throw up a barrier between your data and cybercriminals and it’s easy to see why: 

  • No matter how good anyone’s training in safe password habits may be, people are inevitably going to make mistakes. MFA mitigates the risk of human error providing the bad guys with stolen or cracked passwords. 

  • Administrator passwords instantly become less risky. One of the biggest treasures that a cybercriminal can acquire is an administrator password for a system. While administrator logins are a necessary evil, MFA means that they’re not a master key for the bad guys anymore. 

  • Stolen passwords lose their power when you use MFA. Even if cybercriminals are able to get passwords through successful phishing attacks, if you’re using MFA, those passwords aren’t going to give them a way in. 

  • MFA secures systems and data anytime, anywhere. Home and public WIFI networks are much less secure than most office networks. No matter where you are logging in, adding MFA provides a crucial layer of security between bad actors and the heart of your business.  

Multifactor authentication is the best and most and cost-effective way to upgrade your security. 

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